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Cant get gridcoin to run, Error message. Expression: pindex->pprev

Started By Hoo2Poo , Jan 10 2017 07:34 PM
error Expression: pindex Cant get gridcoin to run Error message Expression: pindex-pprev ||pindex-GetBlockHash(

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Ok I installed Gridcoin every thing was working fine was just starting to set it up till the power went out, system hard crashed.

I restarted system clicked gridcoin the splash screen comes up then I get this message.

I have reinstalled maney times but only with the same message.

yes i'm A noob :) and Don't  know how to fix this one my self.

any help will be appreciated:)

Thank You.


Expression: pindex->pprev ||pindex->GetBlockHash() == (!fTestNet ? hashGenesisBlock : hashGenesisBlockTestNet

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