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I DON’T TRUST HYIP!!! start Trading. ( For Beginners.)

Started By Hemerson Luiz , Oct 24 2016 07:04 PM
start Trading. ( For Beginners.) I DON’T TRUST HYIP!!!

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I lost money with HYIP and i loud clearly i express my self, I DON’T TRUST HYIP!!!

HYIP are not more than just a illusion, that’s all it is. Why?

Bitcoin has a daily growth of 2 to 5 % daily (just from the market price alone).
HYIP scammers know that but lots of people don’t, so they think they are getting advantages.
All that HYIP scammers do is get your bitcoin for a fixed rate (3% – 5%) and invest on the market on something o a high like, (this morning navcoin had a 15.04% growth) not to mention digitalnote with over 10% or diem (i wish i had invested on this one, i had a tip and didn’t take it.) with 50% value growth.

If you want to start trading your money yourself keep reading.

It has been said so many like… What to do with my bitcoins were to invest etc. And many of the answers wore “ trading ” but i realized that many of people wouldn’t have a clue where or how to start doing it. So here it goes some inside to How to start Trading (forex).

( Thats how im starting it.)

Knowledge and information comes together.

I receive daily information about currencies on my email, for example https://www.cryptocompare.com/ http://www.coindesk.com/newsletter/ etc.
So get yourself some daily notifications from many websites you wish, for a better understanding of the currency/criptocurrency you are up to start trading.

Trading Platforms are the main tools needed, so get yourself familiarized with couple of them and the Spreads.

Metatrader etc.

Watch videos on you-tube to learn how use some of this platforms.
As any Learning Process, reading is very important. Many books/eBooks are available around.
Good luck and happy trading.

Some one asked me a big question??? How can we predict a altcoin will move with any positive price will decline? What factors so that we may gain?
The answer.
The answer isn't easy tho. Lets say that You are out there window-shopping some altcoin and you spot a promising one, (better bet on the high than on the low with altcoins lol) but as when you go shopping and you want to know everything about the product you are buying, and its the same here, you should know everything about the altcoin that you are about to buy. Some people don’t have a clue about a specific altcoin but makes a lot of money with it why? that person for sure was following the altcoin market for a bit, have a understanding of trading graphics and or... for god sake, was just lucky.
Like a said b4… Knowledge and information comes together.
Get some daily altcoins news on your email, make a habit of reading those for at least 10 minutes when you first open your email, sit in front of poloniex ( any platform you prefer ) and just watch the flow, the dance of the graphics. That means a lot of money jumping up and down lol get 10 bucks and put into a altcoin without been afraid of loosing it. if you sell it without loosing or gaining some, that means you are in the right path.
Here is a book on forexsystem its a pdf and the file was uploaded by me and is available for You guys only.


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