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Wallet Stopped Working

Started By Snowbear , Oct 08 2016 12:50 AM

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Awhile back in the summer i noticed my wallet wasn't staking anymore. Then I realized I had zero connections. I have tried rebuilding new wallets on my linux machines, and my windows pc, but nothing connects. I am pretty sure my firewall isnt blocking any of the ports. I do have mojocoin, jumbucks, and bitcoindark wallets all running just fine. It is only the HBN wallet that has stopped. Can anyone enlighten me about what's going on?

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It looks like the network is ok  with plent of nodes and peers.


I have had similar situations occur from time to time. Once I learned that my ISP suddenly started firewalling my ports.  


Start by going out to http://www.canyouseeme.org/ to check if your ports are open:  

I think HBN is Port: 7372; RPC Port: 7373.


If you think your ports are open and yet you can't be seen, then you're firewalled somewhere along the way. Maybe you updated your wireless router, or maybe a Windows or antivirus update blocked your ports, or maybe your ISP is being a jerk.  You'll have to figure it out.

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