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Stuck in Investor...

Started By Darkwalker , Sep 09 2016 03:19 AM

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I am new here, so would appriciate help...


I have been using Boinc several years, and installed gridcoin wallet a week ago. Before this, I re-installed Boinc and started with a new account - to start from the scratch and add some new projects and computers.


After a week, my status is still Investor, and can not send beacon because "Investors can not". In console, "List CPIDs" gives a list of my old Boinc account projects, and diagnostics tell that my CPID is different that one in my Boinc account (BAM), and cpid is not part of team gridcoin. Most propably this is referring to my old account. How can i fix this? Reinstalling wallet or what?



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