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How much are you getting from BOINC Research?

Started By rsbball11 , Feb 05 2016 04:29 PM

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Hey Guys,


I have been using BOINC and GRC consistently for about 5 days now, running my computer about 4-8 hrs per day. The reason I joined the Gridcoin BOINC team was to try and mitigate the cost of the extra power that running BOINC requires. However, in the 5 days it's been running, I've made an astounding .80 GRC (yay!), and the only other GRC I have was the 10 that someone was kind enough to lend me when I started. I didn't expect to get rich off this, but it would be nice to get a $0.10 a day or so for the work my PC is doing/the power I'm using. And maybe it's because I only have 10 GRC or so, and it will increase as I receive more PoR payouts, or maybe my hardware isn't good/doesn't work well with the project I chose. But I was curious to see what other people are making and if any of you have run into a similar problem or if this is just the reality of the situation at this point. 

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It is not a "problem" that you are describing.
1. payments are based on the magnitude which is based on your BOINC RAC. RAC is a running average -> http://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Computation_credit

Recent average credit: The average number of Cobblestones per day granted recently. This average decreases by a factor of two every week.

So it will take a long time to maximize payments.

2. the magnitude is dependent on the projects that you are researching. If you compete with many other computation power, your magnitude will be lower. The magnitude is calculated as

Magnitude = SumOfProjectMagnitudes
ProjectMagnitude = YourRAC/TeamRAC*115000/NumberOfWhitelistedProjects

So choose projects that have a small teamRAC to get more payments. Here you can see a list of teamRACs: http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/index.php?result&t=Whitelisted_Project_Leaderboard

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