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Cryptsy Warning

Started By Tranz , Dec 30 2015 09:49 PM

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I just want to inform anyone who is not already aware, about some of the issues at Cyptsy's recently.


It is very difficult, almost impossible, to withdraw btc from the site. In-fact other currencies are having trouble as well. As of right now HBN and CAPs are working for withdrawals and deposits. But they have now removed the chat window, which I can only imagine, is not a good sign.


So use it with caution.


In the mean time HBN is available for trade on https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange?market=HBN_BTC . So far I have had good luck and things seem to be pretty fast on both deposits and withdraws. I have put some blocks for sale to help jump start the market over there.  I will put 1/2 of whatever sells right back on the buy side, and use some for another site as a bounty in the future.

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I've been waiting for a DASH withdraw for 29 days.  Added, they have a withdraw limit of $100 which includes coins.  So, even if you can get coins off the site, without verifying your information, you can't get more than $100 per month.  Bittrex which is a US based exchange has no such requirement.  Double edged sword.


Once I get my remaining coins off the site, which aren't that many, I won't be using Cryptsy any longer.



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