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[MULTI][EU+US] Hash.so multicoin pool with easy coin switching!

Started By hash.so , Jan 13 2014 09:18 AM
mpos multipool vardiff pplns

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Point your miners at (Nearest one as a primary and the other as a backup):
stratum+tcp://pool-eu.hash.so:1337/ Server in Germany
stratum+tcp://pool-us.hash.so:1337/ Server in St. Louis, USA
And you can change the coin from our web frontend! We also have direct ports to stratum servers if you prefer those.
Benefits of mining with us
  • Very very nice pool switching from the frontend
  • Phone/tablet friendly site (default-mpos, with custom pool switching)
  • Highly competent staff, 10 year experience in running high availability Linux installations (mostly for the web)
  • High availability servers that we monitor. We will get SMS alerts during the night if something breaks
  • Enough capacity to handle large spikes
  • Tons of experience dealing with DoS/DDoS attacks
  • Low fee, most pools are at 0% now. 1% is my limit
  • Optmized MPOS frontend, that's super fast
And the best part is our manual pool switching, using our "patented" Fast-switch 3000™ technology :) You point your miners at stratum+tcp://pool-(EU or US).hash.so:1337/ and then you can switch the coin you want to mine from our web page.
Mining Information
  • Optimized MPOS, with shared accounts and workers, you only need to register once
  • VARDIFF, so you will see progress in your miner and in the dashboard
What I'm working on next
  • More pools, suggestions welcome! Eventually I'm going to add em all :)
  • More stratum servers, currently we are only in EU and US(st. louis). I'd like to add APAC and US east/west.
  • Pool auto switching, based on different criteria. And not just profitability, because it might not make sense if you are going to hold the coins
  • Nicer pool front page (current one doesn't even list all the pools)
  • Pool switching from the mobile interface, switch mining pool while you are on the go. done!
  • and more great things, but I'm running out of time to write this :)
Please give us a try, and let me know what you think (especially the pool switcher, I'm sort of proud of it), there might or might not be 0% pool fees as a reward ;).
Current coin/poolpool list:
Also join us in IRC #hash.so @ Freenode

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Even do not think about minong on this pool - some payments are blocked for more then 3 weeks, admin never answer.
Accounts blocked, milion of coins lost - very expensive lesson.


if you do not believe me go to theis IRC channel and check what people say...

I have registerd here only to warn miners about this ONE BIG MISUNDERSTANDING!

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