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Dsync SHA256 mining pool Support thread

Started By x3maniac , Jan 09 2014 11:12 AM

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Server Features
  • Pool fee only 1.5% with PPLNS reward system
  • Automatic Payouts - Receive payouts automatically when they hit your threshold.
  • Extremely stable and no downtime
  • First ever Eloipool for an Altcoin - Fast connections, low stale rate,
  • Variable Difficulty - DSync Eloipool adjusts your share difficulty based on your speed, reducing the chatter between your mining software and the pool.
  • Idle Notification - Get an email if your miners stop working.  Configurations available to different time frames before workers are considered idle.
  • Full precision payouts - Get all 8 decimals of your balance transferred when you request a manual payout.
  • On-demand payouts - Request your balance be paid to your wallet at any time by clicking the Request Payout button on the My Account page.

Pool List


  • Betacoin - beta.dsync.net
  • Bytecoin - bte.dsync.net
  • Deutsche eMark - dem.dsync.net
  • NaanayamCoin - nym.dsync.net
  • OpenSourceCoin - osc.dsync.net
  • Tekcoin - tek.dsync.net
  • Unicoin - uni.dsync.net
  • Zetacoin - zeta.dsync.net

If you have any question or regards, you can reply here or join our chat at irc.freenode.net #dsync-pool (chat room is also located on every pool @ support tab)



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