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Where are my (world)coins? :)

Started By Adamiakowa , Nov 07 2014 02:28 AM

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Hi. When xpool makes a payouts? First i was mining on WfFvAQHq5W8LhtdvEyVRzd1qV1dDmLm6Bd (no payout) then I downloaded new wallet and take new adress WishDGHGcJHos2DVW6eYbqa2bBYoMDAKxt. I'm mining on gridseed 320 khs. Could You check it for me plese?

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Do you happen to know of a working block explorer?


Was going to check to see if you got payment but don't know of a working block explorer :/


I imagine both addresses received some payment for block 1547736 if it was a valid block.

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